Notes in November 2019

  • If your “podcast” is only available directly on your website, or via your app, and doesn’t have a feed I can put into my preferred player (even if it’s password protected), then it’s not a podcast. This is an unimportant thing I have strong feelings about.

  • Hello @github πŸ‘‹ Hello @natfriedman πŸ‘‹ Last night I started a new personal project, went to push it to a repo, and then remembered that you still work with ICE. I created the new repo in GitLab. I’ll probably create all new repos there from now on.

  • My regular morning check shows I’ve still received no response from @github or @natfriedman to my ICE question. Good thing I spend some time last night playing with @gitlab. It’s noticeably slower than GitHub, but it’s doesn’t work with ICE (that I know of) so I’m fine with that.

  • Nice of @github to prove that they do know how to email me by getting in touch about their livestream later today. Maybe @natfriedman could get someone to use that email address to actually reply to my original message about ICE that I’m still waiting on a response to 5 weeks later.

  • 29 days since I first contacted @github support about the ICE contract, and not a peep in reply to that or my follow-up email. Management really are just hoping that if they ignore the criticism it will just go away.