• The problem with the ICC and cricket data

    On the 11th of June 2022 Renata de Sousa of Brazil was bowled by Asmita Kohli of Germany while playing a T20 International in Rwanda. The scorecards on both Cricinfo and CricketArchive agree on this, as does the commentary on Cricinfo. The problem is that it isn't true. Kohli did not bowl de Sousa, she had de Sousa caught at cover. The scorecards are incorrect (not for the first time), and nobody seems to have noticed. Continue reading…


  • Dropping GitHub

    It has taken longer than I would have liked, but I've finally stopped actively using GitHub for my own code and data. Nearly 9 months after mentioning the possibility of self-hosting my repositories again (due to GitHub continuing to work with ICE, and compounding that by basically ignoring any comments criticising the decision), I've finally moved to a new provider. I did think seriously about self-hosting, however I prefer not to have to deal with the admin, so I looked for a new host instead. Continue reading…