Notes in May 2012

  • @carisenda Worth a try. I never thought to see how a fusion table would handle it. Thanks for putting the idea in my head during work :P

  • @carisenda The data is horrible sadly. Start and end times mixed in the route info. Multiple days in a single parade. No organisations etc.

  • @carisenda If I find something that will do a decent job of extracting the “route” info from the data I’m right back on it though :)

  • @carisenda Nope. I looked into doing it, but the free text aspect of the routes in the Parades Commission data finally broke me.

  • Redknapp on the BBC for Euro 2012? Are they trying to see how rubbish BBC football can get? Now far below the barrel and mining further.

  • To catch up on a busy week: Brady, resign for fucks sake; Hodgson, best choice; Pep, thanks and enjoy the break; solicitors, get a move on.